Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Road Runners

I received an email from Colin Bradley, in Toronto, the other day (pictured above with Paul Rodgers)
Colin was a founder member of the Road Runners - a very successful local group during the early Sixties - who hailed from Middlesbrough.

What I had not realised, until Colin contacted me, was just how influential some of the members later became on the the UK rock and pop scene.

Two of the founder members were Paul Rodgers and Micky Moody.

Paul, who started out as the Road Runner's bass player, was an original member of FREE and has enjoyed a 40 year career culminating most recently with his fronting of QUEEN. 

Micky Moody eventually found success working with John McCoy's Tramline, Juicy Lucy, a series of side-man gigs with people like Gene Pitney and others, and in later years was a founding member of the hugely successful White Snake along with another son of Teesside, David Coverdale.

Bruce Thomas, who took over the role of bass player when Paul became the main vocalist and front man,  ended up playing with the Sutherland Brothers & Quiver before beginning a long association with Elvis Costello and the Attractions. He is also an inductee in the Rock and  Roll Hall of Fame and a published author and expert on the career of martial arts icon Bruce Lee.  

Not bad for a bunch of local lads Eh?
Read Colin's full account and pictures here