Friday, 28 December 2007

Vintage Sixties Live World map

If anyone has any doubt as to the world-wide coverage Vintage Sixties Live enjoys on the Internet this map should convince them.

It illustrates the locations in the world which have accessed our website during the last THREE WEEKS alone.

Mindboggling innit?
Click on the map to enlarge

Thursday, 27 December 2007

Why has Sandstorm reappeared on YouTube?

Just to set the record straight, Sandstorm has reappeared on YouTube because Johnny's widow has graciously agreed to raise no objection to it being there, subject to certain provisions which I have gladly agreed to.

I also believe that she should have an opportunity to put her point of view directly and have copied an email received from her which does that very eloquently.

The video was actually removed by YouTube themselves following Sonja's complaint.

It is sad that people misunderstand the obligations I have (and my husband had).Neither my husband nor I ever lived in riches, because of people taking his music and his name without authorization since he was a teenager - and not much has changed since then!
Only a few musicians can make a living without another side job. My husband John was a music pro, he made a living with his music. That was his life, his love and his ONLY occupation, which is why he brought it to perfection! A job he tremendously enjoyed, but that job needed to feed his family, pay the car insurance, pay the mortage etc. A professional musicians has no second leg to stand on, and most, like my late husband, can hardly make a living with it. If it weren't for my job and the kennel we ran, he would have had to quit music years ago - so far about being money grabbing!!
Maybe people can understand this, if you think of your own job: You do it, you like it (hopefully) - but just because you like it and people are happy with your service or product - you still have to make a living, right? Especially if you have only ONE job!
I did not ask Alan to take the video off. I did not ask him for money to use the name! I asked him not to use the trademark name without written authorization.
If somebody wants to ride your bike, you also would at least like to be asked for permission - I assume!?
Strangely when it comes to any form of art, people change their views, as if a car mechanic has more rights to get paid for his job then a musician for his product or time. But maybe only the families of professional musicians can understand what that means. If a man devotes as much time to music as my husband did in his life, there is not time for much else, not even for another job to pay the living expenses for a family. My husband, like many other musicians, was a family man too, with obligations to take care of his family, and that obligation fell upon me now.
It is hard enough to be a widow, harder to be a widow of a famous man that still needs to stand up for herself and her family like her deceased husband would have done, because fame and money do not always go hand in hand...
John was not just a musician, he was a family man, and I have to be the man in the house now that he is gone. If people do not understand my obligation, it is too sad, but there is nothing else I can do...But all this is straying from the subject.
Again: I never asked Alan to take the video off, I simply asked him to respect the fact that Johnny and the Hurricanes is a trademark protected name, and that it will be (also in the UK and the rest of Europe) for the following 10 years, when the next renewal is up.

Sonja Paris
widow of Johnny Paris (Johnny and the Hurricanes)

Friday, 21 December 2007

Where has the "Sandstorm" clip gone ?

It has been removed from YouTube following this threat of legal action received from Johnny and the Hurricanes Inc.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen.

It has come to our attention that you have used the "Johnny and the Hurricanes"® federally registered trademark in connection with music performances or other entertainment services.

Simply stated, you have no right to use the "Johnny and the Hurricanes"® trademark (or any of the other trademarks that are owned by Sonja Paris) in any manner. If you continue to use any of these trademark without authorization, you will be subject to a trademark infringement lawsuit.

Please govern your conduct accordingly. If you have any questions, we suggest you contact your own attorney for advice. If any improper use by you of the "Johnny and the Hurricanes"® trademark or any of the other trademarks owned by estate is discovered, prompt action will be taken.


Sonja Paris
Johnny and the Hurricanes, Inc.

I have replied as follows:

I have removed the offending video although it was very obvious that there was no attempt to portray our musicians as being connected in any way with Johnny and the Hurricanes.

It was simply a clip from a monthly jam session where friends from the Sixties play the music they love and occasionally raise money for worthwhile causes along the way. No payment of any kind is requested or given to the participants.

On the other hand many people have been introduced to Sixties music in this way and I am sure back catalogue record sales, including yours, have benefited.

Our members will be deeply saddened, as I was, by the attitude taken by yourselves.

Suffice to say we will not be playing, discussing or listening to any more of Johnny and the Hurricanes work - in fact I don't even think his name will be mentioned again once the contents of your message have been conveyed to our members - which is a great shame as he was so much a part of the happy memories of our formative years.

Have a very Happy Xmas.

Alan Prudhoe

Don't start me off .....

Thursday, 20 December 2007

From 50000 to 60000 23 days

As reported earlier it took us about 8 months to reach a total of 50000 hits on YouTube.

That total has since shot up to over 60000 - in only 23 days.


Our Angie is still top of the pops with Erik the Sax in second place and AlanL in third with Sabre Dance. Well done to all of them and everyone else who has agreed to have their clips shown.

Let's see if we can reach a mi££ion.

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Ingleton kids' Charity song closes on Xmas Number 1

Good Luck to Ingleton CE Primary School.
Keep on rockin' kids.

This was reproduced from site

Children from a tiny UK school are on the verge of music history. The 52 kids from Ingleton CE Primary School in County Durham have taken their fund-raising song - "The Christmas Wish" to number 12 in the Indpendent Music Network charts in The USA and AND number 25 in the Country charts!
Yet British radio is ignoring it. Radio Two's Head of Music, Jeff Smith said the lead vocals "weren't strong enough" to stand up to the competition", and Terry Wogan's production team wouldn't even play the song to the Irish DJ.
Local radio near the school is playing the song, but it is in the USA where the song has made the biggest impact. Written by singer-songwriter John D. Lewis & his wife, Dawn, "The Christmas Wish" went into the US charts the week it was released. Lewis said: "If it makes both top tens on Christmas Day, I think that will be a first for ANY UK artist, including The Beatles, Robbie Williams and all the rest."
Songwriter Homer Joy, who wrote multi-million selling number 1 hit, "Streets of Bakersfield", said: "If this song isn't what Christmas is all about, maybe there shouldn't be one!"
On BBC Radio Two's refusal to play the song, Lewis said: "Jeff Smith's comments are lamentable. The song was mixed DELIBERATELY with my lead vocals pushed down so that the children's voices carried the song. If Smith can't recognise that, he shouldn't be in the music business! The fact that Radio Two won't play it has NOTHING to do with the vocals. The song just doesn't fit their profile and that's that.
"But it their loss: radio across the USA has been bombarding us with requests for the song. It's the fourth most popular download to radio on Airplay Access, and it's at the top of several station's own charts."
The children are hoping that the chart success in the USA will lead to more sales of the song on Napster and ITunes which will increase the money they are raising for school funds.

You can hear the song here:

Saturday, 15 December 2007

News Update

You will probably have noticed from our guestbook that we have received a message from Billy G who appears with Peter Neon and the Saints in some great Fifties/Sixties tribute shows in and around the Bedfordshire area.

The Saints website at is well worth a browse.

One interesting fact is that the Saint's drummer - Rick Winter - was the original drummer with Heinz of Just Like Eddie fame.

Another recent guestbook signing was Georg from Karlsruhe who wasnt content with playing bass with Albert Lee (of VSL GOD fame) in the Sixties, he also played with Tony Sheridan and Chris Farlowe.

You will love Georg's website at It is packed with info and pics about all things Sixties - from the Star Club to the Beatles.

Looking for information on ...

Ches and the Chesters.

Ernie Algar would like to contact any of the old members of Ches and the Chesters.
I remember the name well but sadly they are one of the groups we have not been able to make contact with as yet.

Other popular local groups we would love a pic and details of include:

Paul Ryan and the Streaks
Chris Warren and the Strangers
Freddie and the Mizaires
Lyle and the Solitaires

in fact anyone not featured in our Remember these Groups section.

So come on you lot - get searchin'

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

A Tale of Two Guitarists - by Rob Bradford

I first read this excellent piece on the MSN Shadow Music Forum. It is by respected music journalist and reviewer Rob Bradford, who kindly gave his permission for it to be reproduced here.

Hank B Marvin and Jet Harris - two of our heroes whose respective career paths and lifestyles could not have turned out more differently during the past 45 years. This may polarise opinion - but sometimes that's what Shadow Music is all about. First up though, Hank remains my all time favourite guitar hero - performing / recording hundreds of fantastic tracks during a career spanning almost 50 years. Well, actually I just love / admire all of The Shadows (past & present) & their contribution to instrumental and popular music. As many of us did, I eagerly followed Jet's solo career and then his liaison with Tony Meehan - whilst still buying everything put out by The Shads too. So, it was a bitter disappointment (also tinged with sadness) to witness Jet's descent into alcoholism as his career bombed post '63. 'Comebacks' (some better than others) came and went for thirty odd years or so.

Jet's return to 'proper' performing (following his amazing triumph over alcoholism) in 1999 was nothing short of miraculous. The Shadows reunion after a 14 yr hiaitus was also just absolutely fantastic. Hank, Bruce, Brian, 'Griff' & Cliff / Warren did us proud during their farewell tours - simply matchless. A superb live CD / DVD was a fitting (and excellent) souvenir of the final tour. So, Hank announced that he'd retired from The Shadows. Now, having achieved everything that he possibly could in terms of The Shads - plus having recorded / released many fine solo albums - time for Hank to pursue his own musical projects - his Gypsy / Jazz interests perhaps? Which is why (to me personally) - "Guitar Man" was a massive disappointment. All of the pros and cons were discussed at length several months ago on Shadow Music. Sure it was well produced and, naturally, immaculately played. Huge sales too & without the necessity of a tour or live appearances (save a handful of TV shows) to promote it. But (again, just personal opinion) Hank has done it all before ( & better) - "Hank Marvin", "Into The Light", "Hank Plays Live", "Marvin At The Movies", "Guitar Player" (and several others). So...the record company presents Hank with a list of potential songs to cover & he picks the ones he likes (or, in one or two cases, ones he dislikes the least) and does a professional job. But........surely Hank does not need to record this type of album for the money? I'm just thinking that (if he really wanted to - because he has his own studio and any number of fine musicians / musician friends / admiring artists to call upon) he could record and release anything that he wanted to...completely under his own auspices.

Which leads us on to Jet Harris' brand new CD "The Journey". No massive corporation behind this. No TV advertising. Almost eighteen months in the making and all privately financed. It's a huge financial risk for all concerned - but it's a labour of love. To maximise sales - Jet could have easily gone into the studios and re - recorded "Scarlet O'Hara", "Nivram", "36 - 24 - 36", "Applejack", "Main Title Theme", "Jet Black", "Besame Mucho", "Apache" etc., etc. Or how about a few cover versions of well - known hits? Well, you get my drift. Yes, "The Journey" does contain a re - recording of "Diamonds" (mighty fine it is too) - but every single other track is a brand new original composition. This is contemporary RI and it genuinely does sound bang up to date. A tremendously powerful, rhythmic, beaty sound too - huge productions. I've played the CD through twice - but don't feel quite ready to write a review as yet. The first word that comes to mind is...impressive. My daughters (16 and 22) know of The Shadows - not their main choice of music - but they tolerate their old dad's obsession. In the last week I've given them lifts in the car - whilst playing "The Journey". Neither of them knew it was a new CD by 68 - year - old Jet. Both of them asked what it was (presumably sounding different enough to what I usually play in the car). The younger one decalred that the tracks she heard were 'cool'. My older daughter works in one of Brighton's major nightclubs. She was raving about "San Antonio (Old Skool Mix)" and plans to have it played on the dancefloor there very soon!!!! Realistically - Jet's CD won't hit the charts and it won't be TV advertised. As a masterly work of modern rock instrumental it deserves to be heard by a wider audience. Shadows fans, RI fans - I hope that this CD sells heavily - you can make it happen. Who would have thought that Jet could come up (aided by Cliff Hall - but primarily Paul Rumble and Nigel Hopkins) with such a release in 2007?? Simply amazing.

Rob B

Monday, 3 December 2007

Great Sixties night out in January .....

At Civic Theatre, Darlington
From 7:30pm
Friday, 25 January 2008

Call Up The Groups: The Barron Knights + The Tremeloes + The Fortunes + Marmalade

Price: £17.00 / £15.00
For tickets or further information, please contact the venue directly. The information given on this page is subject to change - please confirm with the venue before travelling.
More Information

Marmalade -
One of Scotland's most successful and long lasting groups. Their cover of the Beatles' Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da was their big number one and charted for 20 weeks in 1968. They were making hits right up to 1976 when Falling Apart At The Seams reached number 9 in the UK charts. In between that time they spent 120 more weeks in the charts with Reflections and Loving Things.

The Barron Knights -
It is now over 40 years since The Barron Knights started touring the world with their unique style of comedy and rock'n'roll. With over 300 performances at the London Palladium to their credit they have established themselves as a unique musical comedy attraction. You are guaranteed to leave a Barron Knights show with the feeling that you have had a tremendous night out.
For more information, see the website

The Fortunes -
The Fortunes are one of the UK's premier harmony groups. A string of hit records including You've Got Your Troubles, Here It Comes Again and Freedom Come Freedom Go, have stood the test of time and still top the play-lists on any radio station. Ask any '60s group who they most admire for their vocal talents and The Fortunes would come out on top. Their last CD sold over 100,000 copies and 'It's The Real Thing' Coca Cola advert is, of course, sung by The Fortunes.

The Tremeloes -
The Tremeloes must certainly be documented as one of the most successful rock / pop bands in music history. 21 hit records in every territory including America is endorsement enough of their superb talent. Silence Is Golden, Suddenly You Love Me, Even The Bad Times Are Good are just a taster of what's to come from this great band.