Thursday, 29 November 2007

If you fancy being immortalised in print .....

.... walk this way (If I could walk that way I wouldn't need the talcum powder - Boom Boom !!)

This is an email I have received from Trevor Davis, ex Bluecaps. Johnny Taylor 5, Selection Soul Band and the Victors.

I have been giving this book idea some thought!!

I would be interested in having a go at pulling something together if

I could get enough interested parties to supply details. I don’t have
any experience in the book world but how difficult could it be!!

First off before I start, I would like to hear from anyone interested in
helping i.e.: collating info, proof reading and assistance with vanity
publishing and marketing. I don’t expect this to be a Booker prize
winner and don’t expect sales in areas other than localised interest.
This would also be sold via the Internet. A web site would be a good
idea and help with this would be needed. I don’t expect this to be a
great money producer, anything made would go into running the web

site and book production so at the out set - no wages either!!!!
Just the pure need to produce something that we could all leave to
show that we were there when it all started!!!

So what I had in mind was ……

I would like first, anyone who has a story to tell and would like to be
included in this, to e mail me at
<> declaring an interest.
Please mark the e mail subject as “book” it will help when
sorting e mails. Depending on the amount of replies, I would then
e mail you back within a month or so to confirm we had enough
information to put something together.
Any suggestions for a book title would also be appreciated.

In the meantime….

Sit down at the computer and in the Word program write your

account of what you did, where you played and your memories.
Photos of the band may be included, but just for now one single
photo of each band you played with would be sufficient .
Please make sure we are not infringing any copyright laws with
photos and newspaper editorial. If I need more photo info I will
let you know. At the end of your letter, list all the bands you have
played with to the current day plus band members you would like
to contact. Maybe an obituary for those who are no longer with

us. Even if this book fails to get off the ground, you will have your
own full account of this unique time of our lives. It would still be
a legacy for your children to read when you are no longer here,
so the whole project is not a waste of time and let’s be honest you
always meant to do it one day didn’t you!!!

Stan Launden’s site and others such as ‘Vintage Sixties’ have a

wealth of knowledge and there must be others too. I also know
a number of people from a lot of local bands, who went on to be
famous, encouragement from them would also be welcome if they
don’t have any issues about being included in the book .

This could take some time to pull together, so put the guitar down

and get writing; the sooner we make a start the sooner it will be in

So get to it you guys, This is your big chance to go down in the
annals of history.
How about it? Just jot down your experiences, stories, memories,
You don't even have to do joined up writing - Trevor will knock it
into shape.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Feeling old??

You will be when you read this .......

City museum’s sixties move
By Gavin Aitchison

THEY offered a unique modern-day glimpse into life in England 100 years ago,
but now the famous Victorian and Edwardian street scene at York Castle Museum could itself become a thing of the past.
The museum's directors want to replace the current features with a new exhibition, looking at British life as it was in the 1960s.
They say the current scene has become "rather tired and drab" and are replacing it with one that explores "an iconic period that many people will remember", but the move has drawn criticism from at least one tourist, who said the loss of attractions during the work has left visitors shortchanged.
In a letter to The Press, Mr J Howe, of Oxfordshire, wrote: "I left after my recent visit feeling very disappointed by what was once a museum that appeared to have some sort of direction and objective - a Jewel In The Crown Of York. I fear that accolade has now been lost, in my opinion, and would certainly expect the local residents to make their views heard if they care about the museum and its place within the community."
But Janet Barnes, chief executive of York Museums Trust, said: "In recent years, we have worked hard on improving York Castle Museum, with the famous recreated Victorian street, Kirkgate, and the concourse area being significantly improved.

"The sixties exhibition will offer visitors a new and exciting space to explore, looking at one of the most explosive decades in recent times.
"Just like Kirkgate was built in a time when many people would have remembered the Victorian period, we are now offering people the chance to look back at a time which, to many, is in living memory."
The five-year exhibition will look at iconic and everyday aspects of the era.
Gillian Cruddas, chief executive of York Tourism Bureau said: "It's really important for York that our visitor attractions move with the times and the city's tourism success is built on the fact that York never stands still - we always have something new and different to offer and that's the key to our success.
"Both young and older generations have a fascination with the 1960s, it was an iconic age. We're confident that York Museums Trust will make an excellent job of this exciting new exhibition and that its appeal will stretch far and wide."
The Edwardian half-moon court was opened in 1963, but Ms Barnes said the recent refurbishment of Kirkgate had left the Victorian street and the Edwardian court very close, and many visitors were unable to distinguish between the two eras.

Anyone who fancies offering themselves as an exhibit can contact the museum direct :>)

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Fifty thousand hits and rising .....

Greetings Pop Pickers!!

As of today Vintage Sixties Live has had over 50000 hits on YouTube in the eight months that I have been uploading the Club Night video clips.

We have had complimentary comments and emails from all over the world (and a few which weren't but I deleted them) - not 'arf!!

Alright? Stay bright!
(With apologies to the late Alan Freeman)

Monday, 26 November 2007

The Fortunes' Rod Allen has health problems

This notice appeared recently on the Fortunes' Official Website.

17 November
Rod has asked me to inform you of quite a serious health issue which he is, unfortunately, having to face.
Whilst it will not mean any lengthy stays in hospital, it will however, mean that he will require some quite debilitating treatments. This means he may have to miss some performances. Ever aware of his commitments to Fortunes fans, Rod has already arranged for a couple of well known, excellent singer/bass players to stand in for him if needs be, whilst he recovers from the treatment.
I know you will join us in wishing Rod all the best and a speedy recovery back to full fitness......
Knowing his strengths, I would not be surprised in the least if he took it all on the chin and didn't miss a single show!

I am sure you would all like to join me in sending our best wishes to Rod with hopes for a full and speedy recovery.

Sunday, 25 November 2007

New Jet Harris Album

If anyone is searching for ideas for a Xmas stocking filler why not have a look at the new Jet Harris Album - The Journey.

You can buy it from his website at
Price £9.99 and it includes a track dedicated to fellow ex-Shadows founder member and recording colleague Tony Meehan who passed away in November 2005.

It is great to see Jet recording again as well as packing them in at his current gigs and receiving rave reviews at his public appearances for his tongue in cheek humour and outstanding musicianship. Long may it continue.

Keep rockin' Jet

Thursday, 22 November 2007

News from Belgrade

Continuing the international flavour of our blogs these days, I received this pic recently from Bojan, who lives in Serbia.

Taken in 1964, it features Belgrade group Samonikli. Bojan is the good looking guy at the bottom. The lead and rhythm guitarists both used Eko 700 guitars as seen in the pics.

Bojan has also kindly allowed me to publish an audio file which demonstrates what a fantastic sound they had.

The recording was made in a professional Belgrade studio at around the same time. The song is an old Russian song called "Lonely Accordion" which they updated and called "Lonely Guitar".

The recording can be found by clicking on this link - Lonely Guitar

Angie - I only want to be with YouTube

Our Angie's version of the old Dusty Springfield hit "I only want to be with you" is the first of our club night video clips to smash the 2500 hits barrier on YouTube.

Well done to Angie - and also of course to Kev, Mark, Dave and Colin the Orchestra for providing the backing.

For those who have not seen it yet - here it is.
(Click the pause for a couple of minutes to allow the clip time to load)

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

They've even heard about us .......

....... in Switzerland
Click for larger pic

This is the links page of Swiss Group The Countdowns who have been successfully recording since the Sixties and are still gigging today.

Their website is well worth a visit at

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Weeze that bloke wi' .......

.... our Jim.

Our paparazi have been out and about again and this time they brought back a snap of Big Jim Tait with the world's greatest guitarist .... Mr Albert Lee.

If you are wondering why Albert is laughing so much, it is because he had just seen this pic of Jim in a former life.

Albert will be back performing in the North-East in May, but the tickets are already being snapped up so watch this space for further details.

In the meantime why not cut out the pic of Jim and put it in the bottom of your budgie's cage.

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Latest News on Superken

Kenny rang me this morning to say that he was out of hospital and feeling fine.

He had the choice of a triple by-pass or three stens and he opted for the three stents.
He is still on loads of medication, but expects to be back driving his car in a week or so, although obviously he won't be allowed to drive a bus for at least three months.

He thanks everyone for the good wishes and support and for the get well soon card sent from Thursday's club night.

He has spoken to Barry Waller who has agreed to come back in March for the postponed reunion which is something we will all be looking forward to.

Rock on Kenny - welcome back to the world of Vintage Sixties Live - we missed you mate.

Monday, 5 November 2007

Music charts have lost credibility: Colgate Max Fresh survey

British people believe the UK music charts have lost credibility and reflect the marketing power behind overhyped artists rather than the nation’s musical tastes, a poll has found.
  • Almost three quarters (74%) of British people believe the importance of the UK music charts has diminished in recent years.
  • Almost half (40%) believe the “stars” of shows like the X Factor lack real talent and 65% condemn reality TV talent shows for creating a generic style of music.
  • Most people (82%) believe that true musical talent is being overshadowed by hyped sales of stars with less ability.
  • Most people (93%) have more respect for singers and bands who make it through word-of-mouth like Lily Allen and the Arctic Monkeys than reality TV stars.

Says it all really ......

Sunday, 4 November 2007

British Legion Poppy Day Appeal

Anyone who is in to our kind of music could do a lot worse that buy this CD/DVD package, originally released by a friend of mine two years ago for the 60th Anniversary of the end of World War II. It is being made available again to help raise much needed funds for the Royal British Legion Poppy appeal.

The package features Sheffield nostalgia group Pastmasters, who have been voted top live band in South Yorkshire for the last seven years and have there own web site here

For those still not quite convinced here is a taster, but obviously the quality is much better on the actual DVD.

The package not only contains the DVD with archive war footage, and the added bonus of narration by Bobby Knutt on one of this tracks, but also a CD with full backing tracks.

Track List:

1 No Retreat
2 Sunset - featuring narration by Bobby Knutt
3 The Valiant
4 We'll Meet Again

You can order direct by sending a cheque / Postal Order for £6.00 inc P&P. to

Dave Robinson
The Chalet Manor Road
S26 5PR

Or you can even send the money via Paypal to (remember to tell him what it is for)

Or you can order online from the excellent Leo's Den website here for £7.95 inc P&P.

Go on then - treat yourself - and raise some money for a very worthwhile cause at the same time.