Friday, 21 December 2007

Where has the "Sandstorm" clip gone ?

It has been removed from YouTube following this threat of legal action received from Johnny and the Hurricanes Inc.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen.

It has come to our attention that you have used the "Johnny and the Hurricanes"® federally registered trademark in connection with music performances or other entertainment services.

Simply stated, you have no right to use the "Johnny and the Hurricanes"® trademark (or any of the other trademarks that are owned by Sonja Paris) in any manner. If you continue to use any of these trademark without authorization, you will be subject to a trademark infringement lawsuit.

Please govern your conduct accordingly. If you have any questions, we suggest you contact your own attorney for advice. If any improper use by you of the "Johnny and the Hurricanes"® trademark or any of the other trademarks owned by estate is discovered, prompt action will be taken.


Sonja Paris
Johnny and the Hurricanes, Inc.

I have replied as follows:

I have removed the offending video although it was very obvious that there was no attempt to portray our musicians as being connected in any way with Johnny and the Hurricanes.

It was simply a clip from a monthly jam session where friends from the Sixties play the music they love and occasionally raise money for worthwhile causes along the way. No payment of any kind is requested or given to the participants.

On the other hand many people have been introduced to Sixties music in this way and I am sure back catalogue record sales, including yours, have benefited.

Our members will be deeply saddened, as I was, by the attitude taken by yourselves.

Suffice to say we will not be playing, discussing or listening to any more of Johnny and the Hurricanes work - in fact I don't even think his name will be mentioned again once the contents of your message have been conveyed to our members - which is a great shame as he was so much a part of the happy memories of our formative years.

Have a very Happy Xmas.

Alan Prudhoe

Don't start me off .....


Anonymous said...

Great answer Alan!!!
These people forget that they are what they are because people like us bought, and played their music!!
I will do the same as you... will not listen, play or will ever buy anything related with these people!

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Merry said...

Good post.