Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Anyone remember the Satellites?

Received this email from Sunny Portugal the other day.
Can anyone help?

Hi Alan
I played in the Satellites in the sixties and can remember the punishing schedules at the time. I remember one week when I had seven hours sleep. We played with the Animals as support at Bellingham town hall on the Friday when "House of the rising sun" was released. We went on the Geordie beat tour with four other bands, Paul Ryan and the Streaks, Kim and the kinetics, and the VIPs. My memory will not recall the last band. Apologies. The tour consisted of The Merseys, The Fortunes, The Naturals, Little Eva, Lulu and the Luvvers and Joe Cocker on his first tour. Can anyone remember us?
Cheers--- from Portugal
Peter Johnson

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Alan Prudhoe said...

We got a result ...

Dear Alan
I played drums for The Satellites and remember the time we played with the Animal.We were also playing resident at the Flamingo night club on Heaton Rd on Tuesday and Thursday.The other members of the band were Brian lead guitar Dave guitar and Dave vocals.I was serving my time at Parsons on Shields Rd at the time and when the group turned pro I decided to finish my apprenticeship and got a job playing resident at the Westfield Club on the West Rd.I then went resident at Cleadon Club South Shields.After this I joined the Burn William Quintet playing for the next twelve years at Killingworth Club.I now play with a local eighteen piece rehersal big band mostly retired like my self still keeping music live.If possible could you please give my Email address to Peter as i have lost contact with all of the band.I have tried to join the club but am still waiting for my details to be confirmmed by yourselves. Regards Geoff Lawson.