Saturday, 21 June 2008

The Stormbreakers Greatest hits ......

12 minutes of absolute nostalgia from Durham City Sixties Group the Stormbreakers.

Here are a few recordings they made in 1968, featuring lead singer Wilf Carr who a had a long and distinguished clubland career, both as a member of various local groups and later as a vocal guitarist.

Listening to this you are reminded what a great group they were and what a fantastic voice Wilf had (and still has as far as I know). He is still living in the area and it would be great to see him at a future club night (or ten).

There is one long track featuring four songs on this recording:
Ten Guitars - Over the Sea to Skye - Green Onions (Instrumental)- You Belong to me

Just click to play

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wondering said...

I have an Emidisc made by the stormbreakers 28th April 1963.
I found it amongst my mums possesions,i was only a young child when this was made, through interest
I was wondering where there any more bands of the same name?