Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Sad news .......

... to report I'm afraid.

Two prominent musicians from our local groups of the Sixties passed away this week.

Les Coates was a former Lead Guitar with the Originells, and Dave Thornton was Lead Guitar with the Crusaders.

RIP lads you will be sorely missed by us all.


Richard Coates said...

Hey, Les Coates was my Uncle so if you have any questions please ask

Jim App said...

Very sad to hear of the death of Les, being a guitarist in the 60`s I got to know Les when The originells were resident at the Iona club in Gateshead, lots of us who played in bands then went to their gigs because they were top dogs and Les was the main man, a great guitar player and singer, my wife and I in our courting days followed them all over the north east, Les`s 12 string fender really gave the band that special sound. did he do anything else when the originells broke up and have you any stuff either him or the band recorded, I`d love to hear some

R.I.P Les a great talent sadly missed

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim
When the Originells broke up, Les left 'the stage' and went into the pub life, (in the Stanley area). Les never dropped his music, he often promoted musical events, both in the pub and also elsewhwere for things like fashion shows etc. He always offered encouragement to others,to help them enjoy and play music (mainly young people)and often wrote and composed right up until recently. Les was working on some songs when he died and we have just managed to put them onto a CD, if you would like a copy to remember him by, give me an email ( It might not be the same kind of music you will remember from the Originell's days as Les did become a lot more'thoughtfull' in latter years. (Sorry I have only just seen your Blog).

Richard Coates said...

I just remebered about this, took me some time.

I have his CD's and sheet music from the origenells.

I will get them onto my computer if you like