Saturday, 11 October 2008

Photo Slideshow on the VSL Website

Several people have asked recently where the pics come from to make up the Club Night Slideshows.

There are a few of the older slideshows here

They are all compliments of our own VSL photographer and videographer Malcolm Rocks.

Malcolm, in addition to videoing the whole of the proceedings at club and charity nights, and at considerable expense in terms of time and money, takes up to 250 excellent still shots of the performances, which he then gives to me to include on the website.

Copies of the videos are only available to performers, but if anyone would like a high resolution photo of any of the performers, I am sure Malcolm would be happy to oblige - if asked nicely.

I can think of several uses for them
- put one in the bottom of the budgie's cage to save on grit
- or in the gezunder for that late night target practice.
- or put one in the pantry to keep the flies off the meat.

Anyway thanks Malcolm mate, your efforts and expertise are greatly appreciated.

If you want to contact Malcolm he can usually be found at the back of the room with the cameras. I would have posted a pic of him but, would you believe, I haven't got one.

If you want to get into one of Malc's pics you can sing a song at one of the club nights (or stand near Angie)

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