Thursday, 9 August 2007

Pirate BBC Essex radio sets sail

Pirate BBC Essex is broadcasing from the LV18 lightship in Harwich from 9, August till 14, August. You can listen on Medium Wave or via your computer.
Pirate BBC Essex is on air from the LV18 lightship just off the coast of Harwich in Essex.
The event is to mark the 40th anniversary of the Marine Offences Act which set out to outlaw the offshore stations.
Some presenters, such as Emperor Rosko,Norman St John, John Kerr and newsreader Gord Cruse are flying in from around the world to be part of Pirate BBC Essex.
Listeners will also hear Johnnie Walker, Tom Edwards, Mike Ahern, Roger Day and Pete Brady, many of them working together for the first time in many years.
Listen live to Pirate BBC Essex >
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