Sunday, 16 March 2008

On the road again .....

Alan Leightell, joint organiser of VSL (that is not a reference to the supply of drugs) completed a massive World Tour this weekend involving travel of up to five miles a day and taking in such far flung locations as Bowburn, Hett Village, Tudhoe and Spennymoor.

Following Thursday’s VSL Club night, he was especially invited into (conned into?) taking part in the Krack of Dorn Showgroup Reunion at Bowburn Community Centre the following evening. It is forty years this year since the group were formed and they agreed to get together again for one performance, in aid of charity, alongside top North-East comedienne Brenda Collins and the Key Largo Duo. The concert was a sell-out and must have undoubtedly been one of the highlights of Alan’s long and illustrious show business career ( especially as he never played in the group in the first place).

Saturday was back to Spennymoor and a case of “another street another dollar” (well it would have been if he charged a fee, but it is probably the fact that Alan does not charge for these appearances that has firmly established him as one of the top entertainers in his price range.

It was even suggested that he should have a knighthood but he said “I don’t need one - I have had a vasectomy.”

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