Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Trying to contact ...... the Up North Combine

Received an email from Dave Snowdon the other day.

Dave is trying to contact fellow Up North Combine members for a possible reunion.

He writes:

We were based in Thorney Close, Sunderland & played around the Sunderland - Durham - Newcastle area from approx 1965 to 1968. We were originally called The Klik, but changed our name as there were a few other bands with variations on the same name. We played a lot of the WMClubs, but later progressed to Student Union gigs & Night Clubs and added a keyboard player & main vocalist.Ive not managed to trace any of the band members & would be very grateful if you could mention the band in your news & blogs, so that I can hopefully trace some of the former members - and maybe even have a reunion!

From left to right - Dave Snowdon (me) on lead guitar/vocals, Bill Johnson on bass & lead vocals, Mick Harrison on drums & Jimmy Scott on rhythm guitar
I now live in Gloucestershire and have recently made contact with Roger Smith, who has the site & played in The Jazzboard, who lives not too far away in Wiltshire. We were in our first 2 bands together - The Conrads & The 6 Leaves - and he came to my 60th birthday party recently. As a gift gave me back the Hofner Colorama II guitar that I had sold to him in 1965! It was originally owned by Bob Marshall of Chris Warren & the Strangers.

Any former members of the group can contact this site and I will supply them with Dave's contact info.

I would also be happy to receive free gifts of surplus Hofner Coloramas (preferably with the leatherette finish)


Anonymous said...

Hi, Nick Thorburn here, ex guitarist and chanter Toby Twirl/Shades of Blue. You mention Roger Smith, Did he play Sax with you and the Jazzboard. If it's the same bloke then i sat next to him at the Ministry(Longbenton) when we both had proper jobs before turning pro.If it is him do me a favour and ask him to email me, I haven't seen him since then and it would be nice to catch up.
Cheers Nick

v60slive said...

Yes - it is the same Roger Smith.
You can contact him here

Chris said...

I was in the Up North Combine, as bass guitarist from about 68/69 to 70 ish.
Les Bainbridge played lead & I THINK alan Robinson singer, his brother keyboards & Keith Johnson drums.
At that time the group was Chester-le Street based.
Digging in the cobwebs for memories now.
Please get in touch...can't imagine that there was another UNC!!
Chris Edgar