Thursday, 26 July 2007

Jerry Lordan

Jerry Lordan, probably one of the most underrated British musicians of all time, has been gone now just over ten years - died 24th July 1995.

Lordan was signed as a singer to Parlophone and had four charting singles in 1960, the most successful being "Who could be Bluer?".
But it was as a writer that he found real fame when he wrote the instrumental, Apache (named after a Burt Lancaster film). This was originally recorded by Bert Weedon but Lordan didn't like the version. Weedon's label, Top Rank, didn't release it immediately. On tour with the Shadows Lordan demonstrated the song to bass player Jet Harris, reportedly picking out the tune on a ukelele. When the rest of the band heard it they agreed to record it. It was released in July 1960 and hit number one in August, staying at the top for five weeks. The tune was recorded by Danish guitarist Jorgen Ingmann who took it to number two in the American charts. The Shadows' version was voted Top Record of 1960 in the NME Readers' Poll.

Lordan gave up singing for full-time writing. He wrote the Shadows' number one hit "Wonderful Land" and a further number one, "Diamonds" for the ex-Shadows, Jet Harris and Tony Meehan. Harris and Meehan also recorded his song "Scarlett O'Hara" taking it to number two. He wrote further hits for Cliff Richard, Shane Fenton and "I'm just a baby" for Louise Cordet.

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