Friday, 27 July 2007

The Moontrekkers - Night of the Vampire

Ray Liffen of the MSN Burns Guitar group has kindly allowed me to reproduce this message from that site.

It will be of great interest to fans of Burns guitars and classic Sixties instrumentals.

One of THE great '60's instrumentals was 'Night Of The Vampire' by The Moontrekkers (recorded by the legendary record producer Joe Meek in his studio at 304 Holloway Road, North London). The lead guitar part was played by Gary Leport on a Burns Vibra Artist. A couple of weeks ago The Moontrekkers re-formed for one night to play 'their last gig' and Gary used a Vibra Artist to recreate 'Vampire's spooky guitar sound.

You can see a video clip of this historic occasion on the
Joe Meek Society website.

Incidentally, the rhythm guitarist, Sam, plays a Burns Sonic and the keyboard sounds are from an authentic Clavioline (the Clavioline was a simple 'one-note-at-a-time' organ famously used for Meek's greatest hit, 'Telstar' by The Tornados, the first instrumental to be No.1 in both the UK and the USA).


Anthony said...

Great to read about the Moontrekkers. My brother-in-law, Jimmy was in the group when Night of the Vampire was made. Felt sad reading about the group as Jim is now dead but his brother Tony remembers the scene so so well.

Katman said...

Is the Joe Meek Appreciation Society site link a joke?

v60slive said...

The link to the Joe Meek Appreciation Society has been corrupted somehow.

Please use this one