Friday, 27 July 2007

The Past Life of Colin "the Orchestra" - now it can be told (and even heard)

Folk who come to our Vintage Sixties Live club night are often confused by some of the sounds which emanate from the stage - (and that is not just when I am on).

They often hear woodwind, strings and brass accompaniment produced by a line-up consisting only of guitar, bass and drums and they say "How do you do that?"

Well the answer is Colin "the orchestra" Woodland and his amazing guitar synth. Using this and the skill gained during a career spanning 240 years, he is able to mimic the sound of just about every instrument in the orchestra fom a banjo to a honky tonk piano.

But where did Colin learn his craft?

He started out in a group called the Del 5 who had considerable success in the Sixties with tours with Tom Jones, Roy Orbison, Walker Brothers and Lulu.

What did they sound like back then?

Believe it or not we can now hear for ourselves.
VSL spies have managed to locate an incredibly rare audio tape, from a series produced by Tyne Tees Television in 1964, called Rehearsal Room, featuring none other than the Del 5 from Sunderland.
To listen to their version of Yakety Sax from the days when you had to have a real sax.
Click here
(It is better to download the file first)

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