Saturday, 20 December 2008

Calling all Toby Twirl fans ....

I received this email from Dave (Holly) Holland a couple of weeks ago. Dave was the lead singer with Toby Twirl during the late sixties - a group whose name still pops up often on the VSL site.

Hi its Dave Holland, Holly the lead singer from Toby Twirl.

I was recently in contact with John Reed the drummer and said I would like to keep in touch with all the great people and friends from the 60’s and 70’s .

I am currently the manager of the JOINERS ARMS pub in Blyth and have had many visits from lots of people from the great days of old. It would be great if lots of people from the era of The Cellar jazz club. Latino’s , Wetheralls, La Dolcie, The Gogo Downbeat, and many other clubs could meet up and share the great memories of that time.

I was chuffed that Brian Matthews played a couple of our records to celebrate my 60’th birthday the other week. How time flies. I still have some great photos and memories from the fantastic days when fun was fun and music was at its best. Holly

So, if you are in the Blyth area at anytime, why not give Dave a shout at the Joiner's Arms.

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