Thursday, 29 November 2007

If you fancy being immortalised in print .....

.... walk this way (If I could walk that way I wouldn't need the talcum powder - Boom Boom !!)

This is an email I have received from Trevor Davis, ex Bluecaps. Johnny Taylor 5, Selection Soul Band and the Victors.

I have been giving this book idea some thought!!

I would be interested in having a go at pulling something together if

I could get enough interested parties to supply details. I don’t have
any experience in the book world but how difficult could it be!!

First off before I start, I would like to hear from anyone interested in
helping i.e.: collating info, proof reading and assistance with vanity
publishing and marketing. I don’t expect this to be a Booker prize
winner and don’t expect sales in areas other than localised interest.
This would also be sold via the Internet. A web site would be a good
idea and help with this would be needed. I don’t expect this to be a
great money producer, anything made would go into running the web

site and book production so at the out set - no wages either!!!!
Just the pure need to produce something that we could all leave to
show that we were there when it all started!!!

So what I had in mind was ……

I would like first, anyone who has a story to tell and would like to be
included in this, to e mail me at
<> declaring an interest.
Please mark the e mail subject as “book” it will help when
sorting e mails. Depending on the amount of replies, I would then
e mail you back within a month or so to confirm we had enough
information to put something together.
Any suggestions for a book title would also be appreciated.

In the meantime….

Sit down at the computer and in the Word program write your

account of what you did, where you played and your memories.
Photos of the band may be included, but just for now one single
photo of each band you played with would be sufficient .
Please make sure we are not infringing any copyright laws with
photos and newspaper editorial. If I need more photo info I will
let you know. At the end of your letter, list all the bands you have
played with to the current day plus band members you would like
to contact. Maybe an obituary for those who are no longer with

us. Even if this book fails to get off the ground, you will have your
own full account of this unique time of our lives. It would still be
a legacy for your children to read when you are no longer here,
so the whole project is not a waste of time and let’s be honest you
always meant to do it one day didn’t you!!!

Stan Launden’s site and others such as ‘Vintage Sixties’ have a

wealth of knowledge and there must be others too. I also know
a number of people from a lot of local bands, who went on to be
famous, encouragement from them would also be welcome if they
don’t have any issues about being included in the book .

This could take some time to pull together, so put the guitar down

and get writing; the sooner we make a start the sooner it will be in

So get to it you guys, This is your big chance to go down in the
annals of history.
How about it? Just jot down your experiences, stories, memories,
You don't even have to do joined up writing - Trevor will knock it
into shape.

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