Monday, 5 November 2007

Music charts have lost credibility: Colgate Max Fresh survey

British people believe the UK music charts have lost credibility and reflect the marketing power behind overhyped artists rather than the nation’s musical tastes, a poll has found.
  • Almost three quarters (74%) of British people believe the importance of the UK music charts has diminished in recent years.
  • Almost half (40%) believe the “stars” of shows like the X Factor lack real talent and 65% condemn reality TV talent shows for creating a generic style of music.
  • Most people (82%) believe that true musical talent is being overshadowed by hyped sales of stars with less ability.
  • Most people (93%) have more respect for singers and bands who make it through word-of-mouth like Lily Allen and the Arctic Monkeys than reality TV stars.

Says it all really ......

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